The Sustainable Production Forum (SPF) is a one of a kind conference that gathers the global entertainment industry and aims to engage everyone in transforming the industry for a sustainable future and a healthier planet.

With over 60 speakers on 18 different panels and keynote presentations, SPF21 offers diverse industry perspectives on key sustainable production topics. Watch the recordings and learn from the insights of sustainability leaders in the industry.

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    • SPF21...Get ready!

    • Welcome & Opening Keynote with Barbara Williams | The Courage to Lead with Purpose

    • Circular Economy | A Global Solution

    • Skill Building | Kickstarting Sustainability

    • It's All in the Narrative

    • Circularity | Everything IN needs an EXIT plan

    • Reel Green Coast to Coast

    • Hopeful Futures

    • Getting to 2030 | No Excuses!

    • Union Leaders Rally for People & Planet

    • Telling Stories on the Land | Indigenous Screen Storytelling

    • SPF21 Green Vendor Pitches

    • Closing Keynote with Dr. Leyla Acaroglu | Think Differently

    • Driving Innovation | Decarbonization of Transportation

    • Life Imitates Art | Visualizing a World Free of Plastic Pollution

    • Clean Energy Cities | Incentives & Infrastructure Can Change the Game

    • The Irrefutable Business Case | Round Table

    • Resources from the event chat




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